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13 April 2012

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This is a CD ripper that can code the tracks into one of many formats.

You would be able to rip audio CDs into a compressed format of your choice. The choices include WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC, MP2, and VQF formats. While individual tracks can be ripped out, you may decide to create just a CD image with cue sheet or chapters. M3U play lists also can be created. The ripping is on-the-fly, there is no temporary files generated. Even if audio CD track related data are not complete, you will be able to fill in the gaps as the program gives you access to the CD database, the CDDB. You can choose to use the full information available or edit/revise and then save them with the tracks. The built in player is simple and works with various types of CD/DVD drives that may have interfaces of IDE, SCSI or USB, etc.

The user interface that is very simple and direct lets you do the audio extraction in any one of several ways. This could be a single audio track, entire disc image or an individual chunk of data and copied to a specific space on your disks and convert the format as needed. If the extraction leads to any problem, you have logs to fall back on and find out what exactly went wrong! There are several value adds available. Error correction is useful, available in burst, sync, secure and paranoid modes. You are able to set one of two actions when the tool encounters errors such as stop or silence. The tool will also help you create karaoke tracks that remove the vocals through DSP techniques. The tool will speed up when you have one of those new fangled processors.

Publisher's description

Rip CD to MP3, FLAC, WMA, WAV and many other digital audio formats like OGG, APE, MP2, VQF etc.
It is the fastest CD Ripper available and fully optimized for SSE/Hyper thread technology and you can get extra speed boost if you have multi-core CPU.
Flexible output mode: rip audio CDs to divided files (one file per track) or to CD images (one file per disc with cuesheet or chapters)..
This ripper is capable of retrieving album info from remote and local CDDB (Compact Disc Database) servers.
CDDB info can be edited/revised/saved.
This CD Ripping software supports on-the-fly ripping, in other words, it does not generate temporary files during the ripping process.
It is fairly intuitive to use with its elegant interface, with just a few mouse clicks, it rips CD to MP3 format within a few minutes.
Automatically write metadata of the output audio files.
Build-in latest Lame MP3 encoder which is generally believed as the the best MP3 encoder in the world.
Plain audio CD Player.
All kinds of CD and DVD drives are supported (including IDE, SCSI, USB etc.).
Full unicode support.
Multisession (CD-Extra) supported.
All events are logged for future diagnosis.
The last but not the least, this CD Ripper is Windows Vista compatible and works with Windows 7 (64-bit and 32-bit).
Accord CD Ripper Standard
Accord CD Ripper Standard
Version 6.9.1
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